Pc Base
Pc Base

The PC Base is the bottom half of the PC in PokeCube, its crafted with Five Iron Blocks, Three Iron Ingots, and One Redstone. When placed the PC Base Block needs to have the PC Top in order to function.

There is no Current page on the PC Top.

Pc Top

Description to the PC Top

The PC Top is the Top Half to the PC, When placed on the PC Base it creates a Functioning PC. The PC Top is crafted with Three Glass, Four Iron Blocks, One Iron Ingot, And A Piece of Redstone.

Pc Top

When The Two Blocks Are Placed Together They craft a PC, The Player Can put His or Her Pokemon Inside it.

Each Box Can Hold up to 54 Pokemon, With there being 32 Box's thats 1728 Pokemon.

Box Desc

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